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AASHTO Standards

AASHTO Accreditation requires legally accessed standards, either hardcopy or electronic.  Copies of standards can be purchased through the AASHTO Store.

AASHTO provides accredited laboratories with an exclusive discount code to purchase the Materials Standards at the discounted AASHTO member price. For more information on this exclusive discount, AASHTO Accredited laboratories may contact Kimberly Swanson, Communications Manager, AASHTO re:source, via email at

ASTM International standards can be purchased through their Standards & Publications

New Online Standards

The AASHTO “Materials Book” now available as a web edition!

  • Instant online access with nothing to download and install
  • Single and multi-user license agreements
  • 12-month annual subscription - throughout your subscription period, you will have the most current, balloted, up-to-date edition
  • Automatic publication updates as they become available
  • Easy search by keywords
  • Ability to highlight and add bookmarks and notes that can be shared with others in your organization
View the Web-Based Materials Book Brochure for more details. 

We have received several questions about the online access to AASHTO standards now offered by the AASHTO bookstore. Please keep in mind that this is a new service, and AASHTO publications will be making changes in the future to enhance the user experience. We hope that the following response addresses most of our customer questions. If not, please visit visit their Contact Us page and they can help answer your questions.

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Will this system provide access to all AASHTO standards that are current in the time period in which I maintain a subscription?
Yes. If your account covers the current year and extends into the date of release of the following year’s edition of the standards, you will have access to both. Please be advised that rather than having access to both versions once a replacement has been made, you will only have access to the current version at that point. Also be aware that the updating of standards on the web-based version may lag somewhat behind their publication in print.
Will this system provide access to previously published versions of standards?
No. Only the current versions will be made available, but users will be able to print the standards and access them in the future if necessary.
Will I be able to access the standards in the future if I let my online subscription lapse?
Not unless you have printed them. Subscribers will only have access for the period of time for which they have paid. Continued subscription is the only way to ensure continued access to the current versions of the standards.
Are the tracked-changes versions available through the online access?
No, they are not.
I don’t see the answer to my question. Can I ask a new question?
Yes, you can. Send us your question, and we might add it to this page.