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AASHTO Accreditation Fees

Annual Administrative Accreditation Fees

AASHTO charges each laboratory seeking accreditation an application fee of $550. The application fee is required to be paid before accreditation will be granted and will be applied to the first annual accreditation invoice.

The AASHTO Accreditation Program’s billing cycle is April 1 through March 31. The April after a laboratory gains accreditation, they will receive an AASHTO Accreditation Program (AAP) invoice. This invoice covers the laboratory’s accreditation from the date accreditation was granted through March 31 and is prorated based on the number of months the laboratory was accredited in that billing cycle. Each year thereafter, an AASHTO-accredited laboratory will be charged for the previous year’s accreditation according to the fee schedule below. The purpose is to cover administrative costs for managing the AASHTO Accreditation Program.

Annual AAP Administrative Fees
Base Fee $550
Per Standard Fee* $25
Cap on Fees $2,300

* Standards are counted per line item from each laboratory’s downloadable certificate.

When a laboratory withdraws its accreditation or has its accreditation revoked, the AASHTO Accreditation Program will send a final administrative fee invoice at the time of that event. This fee will be a prorated total for the partial year of accreditation. If a laboratory’s accreditation was revoked and reinstated during the same billing cycle, the laboratory will be invoiced for services received for an entire year even though there was a gap in the accreditation listing during the year. This fee will be applied to any laboratory who ceases to maintain accreditation after July 1st in the billing cycle.

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AASHTO re:source On-Site Assessment Fees

Laboratories seeking or maintaining accreditation for tests performed on soils, aggregates or bituminous materials must receive routine on-site assessments from AASHTO re:source. AASHTO re:source generally uses one assessor for soil, aggregate, and bituminous materials testing laboratories. However, AASHTO re:source may elect to send two assessors, at the same time, to laboratories that test soil, aggregate, and bituminous materials. AASHTO re:source on-site assessments typically occur every 2 years. Laboratories are invoiced for appropriate assessment fees following each on-site assessment. Visit the Laboratory Assessment Tests and Fees page for more details.

AASHTO re:source Proficiency Sample Fees

Laboratories seeking or maintaining accreditation for tests performed on soils, aggregates, or asphalt materials must participate in AASHTO re:source proficiency sample programs which include any tests for which the laboratory desires accreditation. Laboratories are invoiced in September each year for AASHTO re:source proficiency samples they will receive over the next calendar year. Laboratories needing to resolve AASHTO Accreditation suspension issues can purchase AAP Extra Proficiency Samples as needed; however, the soil and aggregate samples will only include one sample. Visit the Proficiency Sample Fees page for more details.

Supplemental or Surveillance Assessments

Laboratories which require additional on-site assessments to verify conformance with AAP criteria, in order to obtain or maintain accreditation, will be charged fees based on the assessment rates of the provider (AASHTO re:source or CCRL).

In special circumstances, the AASHTO re:source Administrative Task Group (ATG) may require a laboratory to undergo a surveillance assessment by an approved third-party agency. The third party establishes their own rate, and the laboratory is required to pay this assessment directly to the third party. The third party then reports their findings to the AAP.

ISO/IEC 17025 Assessment Fees

AASHTO-accredited laboratories which desire recognition for conformance to the quality system requirements specified in ISO/IEC 17025 must receive an additional ISO/IEC 17025 assessment. Visit the Laboratory Assessment Program’s Tests and Fees page for a description of fees. The Base Fee ($750) will not be charged for ISO/IEC 17025 assessments. A $500 nonrefundable deposit will be required before the first ISO/IEC 17025 assessment. This deposit will be subtracted from the invoice total for the ISO/IEC 17025 assessment. AASHTO re:source invoices laboratories following each assessment. Visit the ISO/IEC 17025 page for more details.

Quality Management System Review Fees

If a review of a Quality Management System was not completed at the time of an AASHTO re:source or CCRL on-site assessment, additional fees will be applied for reviews of documentation. Laboratories which receive on-site assessments without AASHTO R 18 will not be considered for AASHTO Accreditation without an on-site assessment review of conformance to these standards.

If a laboratory requests a review of technician certifications for ASTM C1077, C1093, D3666, or D3740 outside of the on-site assessment, this can be accommodated for a review fee of $100 per standard.

If the laboratory requests E329 (steel inspection) outside of the normal on-site assessment, normal supplemental assessment fees will be charged.

These review fees must be paid prior to the performance of the remote assessment.

CCRL On-Site Assessment Fees

Laboratories seeking or maintaining accreditation for tests performed on Portland cement concrete or hydraulic cement must receive routine on-site assessments from CCRL. Both AASHTO re:source and CCRL provide for assessment of laboratories testing aggregate. The laboratory may receive their aggregate assessment from either organization. CCRL on-site assessments occur approximately every 27 months. Laboratories are invoiced for assessment fees following each on-site assessment. Visit CCRL's website for more information.

CCRL Proficiency Sample Fees

Laboratories seeking or maintaining accreditation for tests performed on Portland cement concrete or hydraulic cement must participate in CCRL proficiency sample programs which include any tests for which the laboratory desires accreditation. Laboratories are invoiced following each sample distribution. More information on CCRL's fees can be found on their website.

Temporary Laboratory Fees

Accreditation may be granted for up to 12 months to a temporary facility without first undergoing an on-site assessment. This is allowed only if the temporary facility is staffed, equipped, and sufficiently controlled by a main facility that is AASHTO-accredited for the testing being conducted at the temporary facility.

An up-front fee of $550 per facility will be invoiced for the review. Upon acceptance of the materials submitted, the AAP fees of $25 per test method extended will be invoiced. The laboratory must test all proficiency samples that are required for a laboratory in our program for the scope covered by this temporary accreditation. Proficiency sample fees will be invoiced to the main facility and sold as extra proficiency samples.

If proficiency samples are not available, the laboratory will submit video demonstrations of the tests that will be performed at the temporary site facility. The laboratory will be invoiced based on the time it takes to review the videos and process the report.

For more details about extending accreditation to a temporary laboratory please review the AASHTO Accreditation Policy and Guidance on Temporary Laboratories.

Internal Examination Review Fees

Laboratories that submit internal written exams to meet the certification requirements from ASTM standards will be charged a review fee of $100 per exam. One exam is considered to be the list of questions and answer key covering the required sections of one ASTM test method. The fee shall be paid by the laboratory prior to the first review.