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Solar Testing Laboratories, Inc.

Brooklyn Heights, Ohio

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Donald Hollenbaugh
1125 Valley Belt Road Brooklyn Heights , Ohio 44131

Phone: (216) 741-7007 Fax:
Quality Management System - accredited since 8/1/1997
R18, C1077 (Aggregate), C1077 (Concrete), D3666 (Aggregate), D3666 (Asphalt Mixture), D3740 (Soil), E329 (Aggregate), E329 (Asphalt Mixture), E329 (Concrete), E329 (Soil)

Asphalt Mixture - accredited since 8/1/1997
R68, T30, T164, T166, T209, T245, T269, D2041, D2172, D2726, D3203, D5444, D6926, D6927

Soil - accredited since 8/1/1997
R58, T88, T89, T90, T99, T100, T180, T208, T216, T236, T265, T267, T296, T297, D421, D422, D698, D1140, D1557, D2166, D2216, D2435, D2850, D2974, D4318, D4644, D4767, D5731, D7012

Aggregate - accredited since 8/1/1997
R76, T11, T21, T27, T84, T85, T96, T104, T255, C40, C88, C117, C127, C128, C131, C136, C535, C566, C702

Concrete - accredited since 8/1/1997
M201, R39, R60, T22, T23, T97, T119, T121, T152, T160, T177, T196, T277, T309, C31, C39, C78, C138, C143, C157, C172, C173, C192, C231, C293, C511, C1064, C1202, C1231 (7000 psi and below)